Actually, yes, you do have to be crazy to work here

First up; yes, the subreddit did start slowly spinning for a few minutes last night, and yes it did then rain Dogecoin (although it was meant to be snow). No, you were not hallucinating, nor are those images Photoshopped. The assembled mods at the time decided the place was getting a bit too serious, and needed a little shaking up. Generally response has been very positive, although apologies to the few who found it alarming. A few have asked about enabling it on demand; I haven’t found a good way of doing so, yet, but continue to look at options. We’re quite limited in what we can do with regards to a subreddit, for security reasons, which complicates somewhat.

Onto the serious stuff (and this is a big serious post, sorry everyone). I wanted to talk about the concept of leadership in a decentralised currency: there isn’t any. There are three main groups at work at the moment; the developers focusing on technical, the moderators working on community management, and the Dogecoin group assisting with the redesign of the subreddit. A large number of individuals, smaller groups and companies are also doing their own things; I’d love to be able to name you all, but for as many as I know, it’s barely a fraction of everyone involved.

There’s been a lot of confusion about who has stepped down this week, when, and from what role. BillyM2k quietly removed himself from the moderators three days ago (the moderation log is unfortunately unspecific, but I believe it means Wednesday 7th May). ummjackson stood down as moderator in protest to the handling of NeutralityMentality’s post; we respect his decision to do so, however I’m told the post was in violation of reddit policies (with regard to requesting personal details), something which has been raised with NeutralityMentality, and the remaining moderators stand by that decision. In particular, it must be emphasised that we risk the entire subreddit being banned in such cases. Eric Nakagawa has left the Dogecoin Foundation, and while technically stood down as moderator, I believe did not have any powers as a moderator at the time.

BillyM2k is still involved in moderator chat on occasion, ummjackson is still providing feedback to the developers, and Eric has indicated he will remain around the community, so all of these people are still around.

We have three core developers (Langerhans and Leofidus and myself), plus a number others (including Patrick and Lleti). The 1.7 client (currently at the release candidate stage) is a total rebuild of the Dogecoin client, based around the Bitcoin 0.9 client, and has been led by Langerhans. We have an excellent technical team, and we’re comfortable we’re ready to face the challenges in continuing Dogecoin development.

The moderator team for the main subreddit is now a dozen shibes, although I’d like to give particular credit to 42points (who acts as head mod, and gets credit for why every day isn’t random CSS day), mumzie (who not only moderates /r/dogecoin, but also /r/dogeducation and helps keep the other moderators sane…. well, as much as they ever were), pstank1, peoplma, sporklin and lleti.

The Dogecoin group is headed up by mumzie and GoodShibe, and includes over 30 shibes. They’re working on subreddit design, and consulting with the above two groups on policy decisions. Mumzie and GoodShibe are also helping set up the new Dogecoin Foundation.

The message here is that this rocket ship has an incredible number of people working hard on pushing forward, and while change is inevitable, it’s not to be feared.

Lastly, there have been concerns about another cryptocurrency this week. We’ve addressed those as they come up, but I want to talk about coins in general, for a bit. There are three new cryptocurrencies coming out today, ten in the last week. While some certainly are more directly relevant to the Dogecoin community, it should also be noted that there will always be more coins coming out than we can possibly assess collectively. Anyone considering getting involved in an altcoin should do their own investigations, and I recommend the following questions as a starting point:

  • What are the nearest similar coins, and why is this new coin different or better?
  • What makes this coin desirable, or gives it value?
  • Was there an IPO/premine for the coin, and if so, does it represent good value (Dogecoin did not have an IPO or any premine, for reference)
  • What exchange/merchant support is there for the coin?
  • How have similar coins performed over time?

Sorry it’s all been very serious this week. I have friends visiting next weekend, and will likely not be posting. May be back on the 24th, if not it’ll be the 31st. Meanwhile, remain awesome!