Hey everyone; in a rush, and not having a great day, so this is going to be a lot more blunt than normal, sorry in advance.

We all need to consider priorities. I woke up this morning to discover another attempt to reduce the number of unpaid volunteers working on Dogecoin. We’re burning actual serious amounts of time running around dealing with politics, and it’s crazy. A few in the community would seemingly rather we have no-one. Certainly, they’re consuming crazy amounts of time rebuking their claims.


  1. My dev posts will go in /r/dogecoindev from here on, so they’re more easily found for future reference. They’ll be cross-linked to /r/dogecoin where needed.
  2. If you need to suggest something for the developers, please search Github first. If the idea hasn’t been suggested before, open an issue ( ) for discussion. We’re spending too much time trying to answer questions in reddit, and the answers are lost too quickly so we’re constantly answering the same questions.
  3. While yes the price has dropped, even against USD, our network hashrate has been holding solid at around 40GH/s, or about 20 times the hashrate of any coin I’ve heard of being 51% attacked.
  4. For everyone claiming we’re ignoring the community, we’re not. If we were managing the coin in the dictatorial style you seem to think we are, we’d have had a revised mining schedule (“tapering”) two months ago when I first suggested it ( ).
  5. While still a good idea to use p2pool for new large miners (one or more high-end ASICs), for the smaller miners we have a good selection of smaller pools, please spread yourselves out. /r/dogemining/ can help you find good pools.

Actual new development announcements will happen when the developers aren’t spending as much time dealing with politics.