On mining changes

Lets talk a bit more on changes to the mining process for Doge.

As I touched on, on Saturday, we’re looking at potentially changing how Doge is mined. The current leading theory on what to change to is some variant of PoS. None of this is yet a done deal; we want hard facts on impact before we make a call on what’s best to do.

Modelling software is going to be written, which will simulate a large number of nodes (aiming for 1000+ nodes), and hopefully allow us to gather information on how protocol changes affect detail such as block time stability, distribution of mining rewards, orphan rate, relay time, etc.

These tools will be open source, and the community will be encouraged to help us with simulations, especially looking at ideas we may not have considered.

The main candidates right now are PoS 2.0, Tendermint or potentially moving to an SHA-3 candidate algorithm such as SIMD (changing PoW).

This is all looking at a 6-9 month timescale, such that we can ensure as smooth a transition as possible, and that miners have the best chance of achieving ROI on purchased and pre-ordered hardware if (IF) we do make a change after careful evaluation.