AuxPoW Final Preparations

With 4 days or so until AuxPoW becomes active, I just wanted to quickly go through the final preparations for the switchover. We’re up to 57% of all nodes on 1.8, which is great, but still not the 100% we should be targetting.

If you’re running a pre-1.8 client and for whatever reason are not updating before the switchover block (371,337, estimated for 11th September, late afternoon GMT), please shut it down over the next couple of days (before the 11th, anyway). If your client is open when the fork happens, it will both complicate the switchover, and your own later update process. Please remember that if you do not update, your client will no longer be able to send or receive coins with anyone on 1.8 after the fork, which includes a huge number of exchanges and services. This is not an optional update that you can wait and see with, all users must update at some point.

I’m aware of a very small number of users finding they cannot find any block sources after updating to 1.8; I’m optimistic this will resolve itself as the network updates to the same version, or will look at adding further diagnostics to the next release.

If you need support updating to 1.8, please do ask. If you can help others update, please do check /r/dogecoin, /r/dogecoindev, /r/dogeducation, the BitcoinTalk thread. We’ll really need help when the switchover happens and shibes start asking why their coins aren’t showing up (and remember this can be either the sender or receiver being on the wrong chain).

Lastly, I’ve just become aware there’s a new coin using the Dogecoin name. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however there’s only one Dogecoin, and any new coin does not have the same development, marketing, vendor or other support that comes with being Dogecoin.