Wow, so, what a fortnight. First of all, a huge thanks to everyone who helped the switch-over to AuxPoW go smoothly, the whole process was exceptionally straight-forward in the end, given the scale of the undertaking.

Before we go further, one of the biggest remaining issues with the adoption of AuxPoW has been the few miners left behind on the 1.7 branch, and especially the p2pool miners. The existing p2pool sharechain is no longer producing valid shares, and CohibAA79 has set up a new sharechain and written a guide to switching over to the new sharechain. If everyone can help get miners switched over to the new sharechain, that would be extremely positive for the health of Dogecoin mining.

I also want to take a moment to thank all our miners, who have stuck with us through thick and thin, and I know are badly hurting from the increased difficulty; your loyalty is appreciated, and I deeply regret that we found ourselves in a position where this was the only viable option, however I hope you can take comfort from the increased security of the coin.

The hashrate jump has been huge; we’ve gone from 60GH/s to 750-850GH/s. I know there was alarm about F2Pool’s percentage of hashrate the morning after AuxPoW was adopted, as it passed 50% of our hashrate at peak. What hasn’t been clear I think is that that hashrate was always out there, and a risk to Dogecoin if the pool security was compromised, it just was not clearly visible before. In fact, previously several Litecoin pools had hashrate in excess of the Dogecoin hashrate, which was the primary reason why we had to adopt AuxPoW.

So, right now, Dogecoin is stable, with a solid reference client and hashrate sufficient to keep us safe. The primary mining phase is 92% complete, the 4th halvening expected around a week and a half from now. and two further halvenings after that before we hit steady-state mining. Dogecoin Core 1.8.1 is being finished off and should go into large scale tests next weekend.

From a developer point of view, mostly we’re winding down a bit, enjoying not having a pending crisis of any kind, and preparing for the next stages. Personally I’m catching up with the real world a bit and other projects that need my attention.

I’m anticipating that hashrate will have a further significant jump as 2nd generation Scrypt ASIC miners are deployed. You can already see this pushing Litecoin’s hashrate past 1TH/s at peak, and as other mining hardware producers ship their ASICs we’ll see that increase further.

My next main priority is to make it easier for users to adopt Dogecoin; the reference client takes too long to set up, Multidoge breaks if you mine into it, and the Android client is excellent but only suitable for some phones and tablets. I want to look at improving Multidoge, or potentially working on a new lightweight (SPV) client, so that new users can get started with Dogecoin within minutes, not hours. Eager Java developers could look at Multidoge, or C# developers could look at BitSharp which we’re considering adapting to support Dogecoin.

On a less technical note, we still need to help make Dogecoin more useful. That means encouraging more merchants and service providers, and for that we need to actually get spending again. From reports I hear, we were by far the most active altcoin in terms of usage at one time, and we’re now a very long way down, so please lets get back to using Dogecoin as a currency.