1.8.1 Testing

For the last couple of weeks I’ve primarily been focusing on Toshi support for Dogecoin. Toshi is Coinbase’s own cryptocurrency node software. Toshi uses a relational database (PostgreSQL) as its data store, providing service providers and similar with a wallet which can be run on multiple servers, which significantly reduces risks arising from hardware failures. Toshi also enables individual users to do their own blockchain inspection without requiring a third party API, and having an alternative full wallet implementation gives us something further to test against when verifying new client builds.

So far, I have all of the parts implemented and independently tested, and pushed back to Coinbase for them to review. Meanwhile, I have a VPS syncing the full blockchain; because Toshi stores indexes for each transaction in a relational database, this takes longer than the reference client does. Hoping to have that completed in the next few days.

As you may have seen already 1.8.1 beta 1 is out now. I’m now using this as my own client on a day to day basis. and mining tests are starting shortly. Please do test 1.8.1, especially if you’re running an unusual OS (i.e. old versions of Windows/OS X). 1.8.1 introduces paper wallet generation from within the reference client, both for offline stores of value, and for giving out Dogecoins at events. It also brings Dogecoin Core up to match Bitcoin Core 0.9.3 in terms of bug fixes.

On that note, the big changes for Bitcoin Core 0.10.0 are beginning to appear and look exciting. Today’s request for testing is header-first block downloads (see http://sourceforge.net/p/bitcoin/mailman/message/32921390/), which substantially improves performance of blockchain download, as well as fixing the frustrating issue of downloads getting “stuck”. I’ll be experimenting with that patch as I have time, but obviously 1.8.1 takes priority for now.

Lastly for this week, our hashrate continues it rise upwards since the implementation of AuxPoW, and we’re now at 1.05 TH/s. For anyone who hasn’t updated yet, you will need to in order to send and receive Dogecoins with the main network. A recovery guide is up on /r/dogecoin now

I’ll update as we have more news, but for now things may be quiet for a while as we focus on larger projects.