Dogecoin Development Roundup

Happy new year everyone!

So; personal update first, I’m leaving my current job and moving to a new position a few hundred miles south. It’s not cryptocurrency-related, before everyone asks, but it is a very positive career step, and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity. Being closer to London also means I can get to events in London a lot more easily, so hopefully can attend more conferences both to catch up on what others are doing, and talk about Dogecoin!

Talking of conferences, I’ll be at later this month. I don’t have a schedule yet, but I’m told there will be a Dogecoin panel, and I’ll be happy to handle technical questions there.

Onwards with development stuff; we’ve been spreading out into related tools a bit more recently. So, Langerhans has been working on the new Android wallet, while I’ve been pushing forward with Cate - Cross-chain Atomic Trading Engine. Dogecoin Core 1.9 work has started, based on Bitcoin Core 0.10, however as there’s no immediate issue demanding it, it makes more sense to work on other tools right now. The Android client update is based on an updated dogecoinj from the latest bitcoinj, which lays some of the groundwork for Multidoge HD (yes, software dependencies do look like a spider’s web after a while). I’ll leave Langerhans to talk more about that in time.

I’m really excited by Cate (that’s “cat” with an e on the end if you were wondering where it came from), as it’s the first proof of concept for cross-chain trades, and enables entirely decentralised trading between cryptocurrency pairs. In light of issues with numerous exchanges being hacked or outright failing, hopefully the advantage of trustless direct trades is clear. Key points:

  • No new infrastructure required, bridges between Bitcoin Core and Dogecoin Core clients using the JSON-RPC API
  • Completely open source (MIT license, although depends on LGPL licensed libraries)
  • Tested successfully with Bitcoin and Dogecoin test networks
  • Theoretically works with any Bitcoin Core 0.9+ derived client, with includes a lot of Dogecoin-based clients. Litecoin’s 0.9 client is in testing at the moment.
  • Does not provide order matching, this is intended to handle the trade only. Expected that for now this means use of /r/dogemarket or similar to find trades
  • Currently hardcoded to the test networks until testing is further along
  • Main network tests hopefully next weekend (was aiming for this weekend, but found too many issues that needed attention more urgently)

For more detail, please see the README which is also kept up to date with day to day changes.

There’s a couple of similar projects out there that are noteworthy as well, Bitsquare for fiat/crypto exchanges, and Swapbill as a sidechain based alternative. 2015 looks really exciting for decentralised exchanges.

CATE depends on python-bitcoinlib to handle a number of data types (blocks, transactions, transaction inputs/outputs, etc.), and as that library does not support altcoin chains, I’ve created a library which extends it, python-altcoinlib. That’s current a work in progress, and I’d love some more attention on either project.

I’ll post updates on these projects to /r/dogecoindev as they hit milestones, or follow along on Github. Next general update would normally be the 25th of this month, however I’ll be in London (or flying back from London), so it will likely be the 1st instead.

TLDR; new Android wallet, very wow, better tools for trading cryptocurrencies, much awesome. New shinies to make it easier to build tools.

Stay wow!