Doge/Ethereum Bridge Demo

Since my last post, in which I talked a little about the theory of what the Doge/Ethereum bridge does and how it works, there’s been a lot of brilliant enthusiasm about this technology. It’s brilliant to see so many talking about the work however there’s also been some confusion about the state it is in, and I wanted to help address that today.

Key points:

  • There is a technical demo to the judges (who control the bounty for completing the work) on 5th September 2018.
  • There is no schedule for when the technology will be ready for general use, yet.
  • There is no Dogecoin fork currently planned for this. We’ll always avoid forking if technically feasible.

The Demo

The demo will be live streamed via YouTube at on 1700 UTC on Wednesday 5th September 2018. If you click the link it should tell you what that is in your local time, and give you the option to set a reminder. This is primarily for the bounty judges to see progress on the bridge technology so we can assess whether we release the next bounty, so you can expect it to have an introduction to the process, an actual demonstration, and some discussion of questions arising.

After The Demo

I’m anticipating two major streams of work that need to be completed before the technology is ready for general consumption; validation of the contract code, and simplifying the user interface to make it simpler to use. Obviously we need to ensure the implementation is rock solid before we let the general public on it (we don’t need another incident like The DAO), as well as ensuring we have plans in place for future work (for example if either chain forks). The main audience for the bridge will be advanced users, and I expect most users will trade via an exchange rather than bothering with the bridge itself, but if the first demo is anything to go by we want to make it a lot simpler to understand what’s going on.

We’ll be talking to the development team about timelines for this work at or immediately after the demo, and you’ll know as soon as we do. Meanwhile if anyone wants to look at the code, you can find it on Github under, along with the official documentation at

There Is No Fork

So many potential Matrix jokes, and yet none of them are funny :(

I’ve seen rumours flying about a fork to enable the bridge - I had anticipated one, but the engineers have found a way that seems to not require one, so we should be able to avoid forking for this. We’ll let you know more as we know, but for now there is definitely no scheduled fork.

Have a brilliant week everyone, I’ll try to get another update out after the demo!