Stream plans 3rd May 2021

Okay, bundle of things going on. First of all, I meant to announce this a while back, but then didn’t, so…

I’m switching day job. For those of you who aren’t aware, Dogecoin isn’t actually my day job, and this is intentional, we want to encourage a large and diverse range of developers, rather than have a smaller number of rock star developers the way others might. I don’t want to too openly talk about what I’m doing next, it’s exciting and interesting, although outside of blockchain for a change.

Anyway, as part of this I will have a month between roles, and I’m going to be doing a few things in that time, including continuing to push Dogecoin Core (the reference client) 1.21 ahead. I’ve started streaming this as an experiment, and had a very positive response, so I’m going to continue doing that.

Cutting to the chase, tomorrow 3rd May I’ll be streaming the next stages on 1.21. One of the community has very helpfully proven that Dogecoin can be made to work with Bitcoin Core 1.21 as a base, but I need to not just get it working most of the time, but prove it works in every possible scenario. Multiple operating systems, compatibility with every exchange and wallet out there, etc. Bitcoin Core comes with an extensive automated test suite, which is extremely useful in doing this, however it also breaks a lot whenever we introduce Dogecoin logic.

So far I’ve got about 400 blocks syncing, and the next steps I’ll be tackling on stream are:

  • Resolve synchronizing stopping at 400 blocks - this looks to be network related, but need to verify, identify the root cause and address.
  • Correct unit tests which fail when the Dogecoin block reward logic was added.
  • Check the integration tests and start resolving any which have broken when other changes were introduced.

I should be starting about 6pm UK time (1pm Eastern time, 10am Pacific time), on, I hope to see you there. If you can’t make it, there will be a video on demand available after.

I’m going to start streaming regularly every Sunday at 6pm UK time, so that’s the 9th May onwards, but will also be streaming more regularly through May while I’m between roles. I’ll announce plans as they’re confirmed.

Have a great weekend everyshibe,