Stream plans 9th May 2021

I’ve now departed my day job and have more time to focus on Dogecoin, which good. I’ve been slowly working through functional tests for 1.21 today, especially the parts which are less interesting and potentially less suitable for a stream.

The plan tomorrow is to continue on the functional tests for a bit, then push forward with getting the synchronization working, so there’s some more immediately visible progress. Automated tests are an excellent way to validate changes we’re making, and a good learning tool as things break, but sometimes it’s nice to see tangible progress you can use. I’ll be going over:

  • Update on the failing PSBT (Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions) tests. I’ll discuss what a PSBT test is in more detail tomorrow, but if you’re curious meanwhile there’s a good article on Bitcoin Tech Weekly. Also yes I’m aware we may need to rename these to Dogecoin Transactions, one step at a time :)
  • Fixing up as many of the simple failing functional tests as I can do quickly, to verify the state of the code.
  • Talk about the plans for the tests which are longer term projects (for example require new code to be written to help determine how the test should be updated).
  • Create a new branch on which I’ll focus on progressing the synchronization, with a target of getting all of the pre-AuxPoW blocks synchronized during the stream.
  • Set up for working on AuxPoW integration into the code in the stream on 12th May.

My schedule will normally be starting Sundays 6pm UK time (1pm Eastern time, 10am Pacific time), and Wednesdays 7pm UK time (2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific) on As always there will be a video on demand available after. I’ll try to do a couple of later streams too, for those who can’t make those times, which I’ll announce here and on Twitter.

Be wow to each other!