Stream plans 12th May 2021

As you may have seen on Twitter, we now have a long running 1.21 node on testnet.

Now, there’s a lot to fix, tweak and tune still, but having that node up means I’m getting data on how it performs, as well as acting as a beacon to show people it’s out there. I have rushed ahead a little bit to get that up, and need to go back and fix the automated tests to validate the work done, so that’s going to be the focus of the stream.

Key tasks for the stream tonight (7pm UK, 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific) and then later this week:

  • Fix the remaining functional tests from before the full sync updates are in. This will include writing code (in Python, which I don’t know, so that’s going to be extra exciting) to build the test data for Dogecoin.
  • Fix tests which broke when introducing AuxPoW (merged mining) support.
  • Investigate why 1.21 appears to not fetch nodes from the DNS seeds.
  • Resolve 1.21 not finding other nodes to connect to, at all.
  • Trace through the process of blocks being sent from 1.14 to 1.21, which doesn’t work consistently.
  • Check why 1.14 is only requesting a single block at a time, rather than many blocks, which is likely to improve sync performance.

Obviously that’s a lot, so will run well past this stream and into the week, probably into the next stream on Sunday. I’m hoping to stream for 3 hours today, which is a long time to coding non-stop for, so we may switch to some gaming later on.

I’ll be live on, and as always there will be a video on demand available after. I’m also on Steven Steele’s show later this week (Friday morning UK time, very early morning US timezones).

Have an awesome week!