Continuous Integration Stream 17th June 2021

We’re doing this one live!

As part of the process of testing Dogecoin Core, we test each change we make against a battery of automated tests, both unit and functional. This process is known as continuous integration. We have services we use to run the continuous integration process, up to recently this was Travis. However, Travis has a limited number of minutes of testing per month, which a project the size of Dogecoin rapidly exceeds, so we’re looking into alternatives.

The two leading options are GitHub Actions and Cirrus CI. Today I will be going over Cirrus CI, which is what Bitcoin Core uses for their tests. I have already enabled this on my own copy of Dogecoin, and it has identified a few bugs we missed when testing on Travis (which is a compelling reason to switch, by itself). You can see the latest test run below:

Cirrus CI build failures

Right, lets get going!