Stream Plans 2021-09-19: Continuous integration

At the moment mostly we’re in a code review phase, where things are being reviewed and I’m waiting on feedback. There’s a new tagged version of 1.21 for those who want to experiment, though.

Anyway, so first up the state of 1.14.5:

  • Getting reviews/feedback on the fees UI in PR #2567 is probably the biggest thing going on right now.
  • It would be really good to get dependency updates into 1.14.5. However, updating OpenSSL is tricky because we do Gitian builds on an old version of Ubuntu. Patrick is heading up updating the underlying Gitian build: PR #2501
  • I’m trying to get some working version of smart fee estimates in, as some wallet providers use them despite Dogecoin not having a fee market. PR #2564 is 80% of the work, but I want to revisit the values it produces after #2567.

Next up is 1.21. I’ve created a new tag, so far as I fix the tests there’s no major issues found, but continuing to check.

  • A bundle of the continuous integration (CI) tests are now broken due to external changes. I’m optimistic PR #2522 will get this into a better state, but it also has broken tests.
  • AuxPoW reviews continue, and in particular PR #2560 and PR #2561. These two block review of PR #1974 (which is infeasibly large to review by itself).

The plan tonight is 1.21, so we’ll probably be looking at PR #2522 to get all of the tests working again. See you at 7pm UK, 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific at